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Sleeping Giant News

2022: We started the year on a positive note! Sleeping Giants Karakoram (Kara) and Sleeping Giants Dhaulagiri (Yeti) came back DNA VETGEN CLEAR for all Cane Corso breed specific health testing!
In May, Kara welcomed her first litter of puppies - watch for future prospects coming soon!
Sadly, we had to say good-bye to CCAA Repro CH, CH Sleeping Giants K2, aka Compass, just a few weeks shy of her 14th birthday. She is missed every day, but we are blessed that she will live on in our future generations here at Sleeping Giant.


December 2021- AKC GCH CH Sleeping Giants Gianna Bella Mia finished her AKC Grand Championship in Texas! Congratulations to Kerry and Mia!


July 2021- Reproductive CH, CH Sleeping Giants K2, aka Compass, celebrated her 13th Birthday on the 3rd.
Compass, celebrated her 13th Birthday on the 3rd.
It was a special day, as we also welcomed a litter of 9 puppies!

Also this month, Sleeping Giants Gianna's Bella Mia, CGC earned both of her majors at the Houston, TX show! Congrats Mia and Kerry!


July 2020 - Congratulations to Sleeping Giants Godot for earning his Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog Titles! Great job, Brittni!


May 2020 - Sleeping Giant welcomed a beautiful litter of 8 pups into the world. Sleeping Giants "Yeti" will be staying with us. Let the fun begin!


February 2020 - Congratulations to Sleeping Giants Arach Cu, CGCA, TKN and Sleeping Giants Waiting for Godot, CGCA, TKN for earning their Advanced Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Novice titles!! Great job Tammy and Brittni!


December 2019 - Sleeping Giants Karakoram comes back OFA prelim good and elbows normal! We are thrilled to add Kara to our breeding program in the future.


May 2019 - CH Sleeping Giants Langtang (Ice) and Americana's Jesse James an American Outlaw had a beautiful litter of five. This was a nice line breeding on the good old stuff for us, and we hope to have some prospects coming from this breeding!


March 2019 - Sleeping Giants Gianna Bella Mia earned her CGC. Congratulations to her and Kerry!


December 2018 - Sleeping Giants Jameson comes back OFA good and elbows normal!


April 2018- CH Sleeping Giants Langtang (Ice) had a beautiful healthy litter of 10!
April 2018 Litter

April 2017 - We welcomed a litter out of Sleeping Giants "Azula" x CH Sleeping Giants "Tunny", CD, CGC, and we look forward to seeing them grow!


November 2016 - CH Sleeping Giants Langtang "ICE" and Sleeping Giants Forged in Fire "Azula" both came back OFA Cardiac Normal! We are very happy for our girls!


September 2016 - We had our 2016 litter born in late August- a beautiful litter of 9 pups from Sleeping Giants Little Lhotse x GCH Gator Country Back in Black. Also, Sleeping Giants Mr Mojo Risin' came back with an 80th percentile PennHip and normal elbows!


July 2016 - Sleeping Giants Mystique Di'Raven scored OFA GOOD hips and elbows NORMAL! Awesome news for Mysti & Lianne!


June 2016 - CH Sleeping Giants Once Upon a Time, aka Nonna, finishes her AKC Championship! Congratulations Nonna & co-owner Rose!


April 2016 - CH Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, CGC, NW3, CAA earned his Coursing Ability Advanced title & Sleeping Giants Romeo came back OFA Prelim GOOD hips!


March 2016- CH Sleeping Giants the Great Caruso, CGC, CD (aka Tunny) earned his Companion Dog (CD) obedience title! Super GREAT job Liz & Tunny! CH Sleeping Giants Langtang, aka Ice, earned her AKC championship in Kentucky this month, taking majors both Saturday and Sunday! Many thanks to Ice's love and handler, Sarah Janner! Also, outstanding news for Sleeping Giants Romeo the Boombastic Mr Lovah Lovah, aka Romeo, who's PennHip came back >90th percentile with scores of 0.32/0.31! Congratulations everyone!


January 2016- Sleeping Giants Langtang's (aka Ice) PennHip evaluation came back 0.24/0.24, >90th Percentile. We are thrilled!


November 2015- Congratulations to new AKC Champion Sleeping Giants Riding the Crazy Train, aka Sully, and to co-owner Linda Lagassie, who did it all herself- completely owner handled! Great job Linda and Sully! Sully was also PennHip tested and scored 0.18/0.25, >90th Percentile! Sleeping Giants Apollo came back PennHip 0.29/0.34, also >90th Percentile, and OFA Good. CH Sleeping Giants Boogie Nights, aka Oogie, came back OFA Cardiac Normal. Awesome news all around!


October 2015 - Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, CGC, CA, NW3 (aka Dante) earns his AKC Championship, completely owner handled. Way to go Megan and CH Dante! This championship made our CH Sleeping Giants K2 (aka Compass) a CCAA Reproduction Champion! Her finished progeny are Abby, Tunny, Dante and Oogie.

September 2015 - Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, CGC, CA, NW2 (Dante) earns his Nose Work 3 title!!! Dante is the first Cane Corso ever to earn a NW3! Dante and his co-owner Megan Williams have certainly been busy. Dante is also enjoying Agility these days. This boy can do anything! We are very lucky & proud to have co-owners like Megan!

And here at home, Sleeping Giants Langtang (aka Ice) made her show debut in CT at 6 months of age. She went Best of Breed out of the puppy class for her first points under judge Lois Sanford! And if that wasn't enough, she finished it off with a very competitive Puppy Working Group 1st under judge Rick Blanchard! Many thanks to Sara Gregware and Danielle Meyers for handling her.

August 2015 - Sleeping Giants Boogie Nights (Oogie) earns his AKC Championship with his new pal Sarah Janner. Congratulations Michelle Klass & CH Oogie!

July 2015 - Sleeping Giants True North, aka Idgy, gets a >90th percentile PennHip evaluation of 0.25/0.20, as well as an OFA GOOD. Sleeping Giants Forged in Fire, aka Azula, comes back with a 60th percentile PennHip evaluation of 0.40/0.55. Awesome news for these two girls!

June 2015 - GCH Sleeping Giants Abby earns her AKC Grand Championship, handled by her co-owner Rose Duron! Great job Rose and Abby! Sleeping Giants Patronus comes back OFA GOOD hips! Congratulations everyone!

March 2015 - CH Sleeping Giants Abby and Sleeping Giants Dante' both come back OFA Cardiac Normal, while CH Sleeping Giants Tunny and Sleeping Giants Sully earn their CGCs! Great news everyone!

January 2015 - CH Sleeping Giants the Great Caruso, aka Tunny, earns his AKC Championship. Way to go Bruce, Liz, and Roo!

November 2014 - Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, aka Dante', earns his Nose Work II (NW2) title! Amazing! Congratulations Dante' and Megan!

October 2014 - Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, aka Dante', earned his CGC, CA (coursing ability), and Nose work I (NW1) titles! Great job Megan & Dante'!

August 2014 - Sleeping Giants The Great Caruso, aka Tunny / Roo, has earned both major wins towards his AKC championship - one at the working show in Houston, TX and the second in Kenner, LA. Congratulations Bruce, Liz & Tunny!

May 2014 - Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, aka Dante' completes his Odor Recognition Tests (ORTs) and is now approved to begin Nose Work Trials! Megan and Dante' have been busy, as he also passed his CAT (Lure Coursing Ability Test), picture below, and HIT (Herding Instinct Test). Way to go Megan and Dante'!
Sleeping Giants Divine Voyage, aka Dante'

April 2014 - Sleeping Giants Abby finishes her AKC Championship with three major wins in Terre Haute, Indiana! Congratulations Felix, Rose & Abby!

January 2014 - Sleeping Giants Little Lhotse, aka Lula, is certified OFA Cardiac Normal!

October 2013 - Sleeping Giant's Divine Voyage, aka Dante', participated in his first official nose work event, the Odor Recognition Test (ORT). ORTs are sanctioned through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and are the first step toward competing in nose work trials. Dante's first odor was birch, which he detected and signaled his handler, no problem! Nice work Megan and Dante'! 

May 2013- CH Sleeping Giant's Vittoria, aka Tory, finishes her AKC Championship with a 5 point major in Freehold, New Jersey. Congratulations Tory and Sarah! Many thanks to handler Sarah Janner and Judge Diane Anderson! 
New Champion!


December 2012: BISS GCH Vittore takes 1st Award of Excellence at the AKC Eukanuba National Championships for the second year in a row, this time under judge Alfred Ferruggiaro!

November 2012 - It was a busy summer! We had a beautiful, healthy litter of 10 - some of which will make it up to our Prospect Page in the near future! They will also be starting their show careers in 2013.

GCH Vittore took 6 months off this year, and still finds himself as the #3 Cane Corso in the country! Wow, nice going V!

April 1, 2012- After a 6 week rest back home, Vittore traveled to Boulder City, Nevada to attend the CCAA National Specialty show. On Sunday, Vittore went Best of Breed at Nationals, beating a huge and impressive looking ring full of beautiful Cane Corsos! This is the first time in breed history that the "Dog of the Year" has won the National! Wow! We have truly been blessed. Congratulations V, Bruce, Liz and Sweetie!
"Dog of the Year" has won the National!

February 15, 2012- GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore is the Cane Corso Association of America's "Dog of the Year" for 2011.

February 14, 2012- GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore goes to Westminster!

Dec. 31, 2011- GCH Vittore is the AKC's #1 Cane Corso in America for 2011! Way to go team Vittore!! Many thanks and congratulations to Bruce & Liz Robles, Vittore's co-owners, and to Sweetie Kay for her expertise handling of Vittore all year!

* On a personal note to the extended "Sleeping Giant Family"- please email me! We had a computer crash and I lost all my emails/contacts!

Dec. 18, 2011 - GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore has a great week at the AKC Eukanuba Championships in Orlando, FL! Vittore went Best of Breed under Judges William Cunningham and Mrs. Theresa Goldman, and at Eukanuba, he took the 1st Award of Excellence under judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna! Pictures coming soon!

Nov. 5th, 2011-Vittore wins his 100th AKC Best of Breed in Fort Wayne, IN under judge Mr. James Reynolds! Another first for the breed!! Congratulations Vittore! Thanks to judges Mr. Rick Gschwender and Mr. Houston Clark for Best of Breeds that weekend in Indiana as well!

 Oct. 23, 2011- GCH Sleeping Giants Vittore wins a huge Best of Breed under Italian judge Nicola Imbimbo in Atlanta, GA, picture below, and takes another huge Best of Breed under Mrs. Lee Canalizo the following day!


Oct. 15th, 2011- GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore is the first Cane Corso to reach the AKC Grand Champion "Gold" Achievement level!

Sept. 5, 2011- GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore spent Labor Day weekend in New Jersey, and we were able to go watch him. Here he is with Sweetie! Vittore started and ended his weekend with Working Group placements - and Monday he earned his 80th AKC Best of Breed!
Way to go Team V!


July 31, 2011- GCH Vittore wins his 60th Best of Breed in Longview, TX!

July 24, 2011- GCH Sleeping Giant's Vittore received a Group 3 from International Judge, Mr. Kerry Lee, at the Reliant Center World Series of Dog Shows in Houston, TX! He beat 330 dogs with this win! 

Vittore also swept Best of Breed the entire Cluster including the Working Dog Show on Wednesday! Vittore is still the #1 Cane Corso in the country! Way to go Vittore, Sweetie & Randy, and Bruce & Liz! 

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